A Small Sample Of Clients’ Comments that we have received in the past:

“I could not have done it without you.”

“I could never have completed this D.L.A. form on my own.”

“This is the organisation which helped me with no barriers or criteria.”

“Without the support of Weston & N. Somerset DIAL I would not have coped. What a wonderful service.”

“Being helped by people who have disabilities really made me feel that my disability was understood.”

“Form-filling is a nightmare, so I really appreciate your help.”

“Kind and courteous and also knowledgable; helpful and understanding.”

And Comments From Former DIAL trainees…

“The training that was offered to me through DIAL was informative and realistic and for this reason was of particular value [to me] as a citizen, as an individual of wider society and for future employment in working with vulnerable people. I am now capable and confident in understanding the whole spectrum of issues that arise with disabled people and the welfare system and can appreciate the physiological aspects as well as the psychological aspects in living day by day with a disability.”

“My time as a trainee at DIAL has provided me with invaluable insight, both personal and professional. The skills I have learnt so far have helped me considerably in the job market and dealing with marginalised individuals has taught me about the value of compassion and empathy. A valuable learning experience. I have continued to do Welfare Rights work for DIAL whenever I can.”

Names are concealed to maintain privacy & confidentiality